Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Made my day!

I dropped the boys off at camp today and Brian was there, of course.  In case you forgot, he and the boys have a special friendship and Brian always has to say, "Arrrrrgggh!" like a pirate.  Anyway, when I got there, he handed me a bag and said, "I got something for the boys.  You can take it home and see if they like it."  He pulled a T-Shirt out of the bag and it had pirate dogs on it.  He got one for each of the boys.  I was so stunned!  What an awesome thing to do!  The shirts say, Medeira Beach, FL on them, so I guess he got them while on vacation.  Amazing to think that he saw those shirts and thought of my boys.  They are the coolest shirts.  They are Caribongo shirts which change color in the sun.  I took pictures of them before and after. 

This one is after I brought the shirt back inside, so the color is already fading a little bit.  I can't wait for the boys to see their shirts change colors.  I bet they'll LOVE them.  Drew said, "Arrrrrggghh!" when I showed it to them at camp and that was before he saw them change colors. 

Anyway-- Brian, I think you are wonderful.  Thanks for the shirts and thanks for making my day!

*Edited to add pics of the boys in their new shirts!

Blake thought the changing colors of his shirt was cool!

Drew refused to go outside and barely tolerated me taking his picture.  I guess he'll discover it next time he wears it outside. 


Anonymous said...

Love it! Blake looks totally involved. I'm sure Drew will like it also. Mom

Lisa said...

Brian sounds like a great guy!

Eva Color Change said...

Hi! We are partners with the Artist that drew the Sea Dogs. We own several color change shops here in Florida. I loved the pics of your boys wearing the Sea Dogs shirts. Should you ever want to purchase more color changing goods, you can visit our website. We ship everywhere! Thanks! Best, Eva