Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Lunch Date for Drew

Drew's aide called me yesterday and said she wanted to take Drew out for his birthday, which was a couple weeks ago.  She said she wanted to take him to McDonald's and the park.  We set up the date for today at eleven o'clock.

I wrote up a schedule for Drew.  It looked like this:

1.  Mrs. Hoehne picks up Drew.

2.  Eat at McDonalds.

3.  Play at park.

4.  Come home to Mom.

I read it to him a couple times yesterday afternoon, then posted it on the fridge.  Whenever he asked, "Where I go tomorrow?"  I said, "Let's look at your schedule," and read the list to him again, having him read some of the words.  This morning, I started ironing his clothes to wear, and he said, "I come home to you later?"  I assured him that he would.  He seemed very calm about the whole thing until about ten minutes before it was time to go.  I think he panicked a little.  When Mrs. Hoehne got here, he was draped across the couch, hiding his eyes with his arm.  We eased into getting him out to her van, but once he got there, he was fine.

When they got back, Drew didn't want to get out of the van.  Mrs. H came into the house and we attempted to talk.  Drew ran in the door, slamming it as he went and started saying, "No milk!  No oatmeal pie!"  lol.  What he want always comes out in reverse when he's agitated.  Mrs. H decided that he didn't really like having her here where she doesn't "belong" and so she left.  Blake was all worked up because Drew was worked up.  I got them both settled down and we opened the stamp set Mrs. Hoehne gave Drew.  They both liked that! 

Overall, it was a huge hit!  I can barely count the small snafu of coming home.  When things settled down, I asked him if he had fun today.  He said, "Yes, I like Mrs. Hoehne." 


Kari said...

Wow, that is awesome!! What a great aide! So cute.

Kim said...

How lucky for Drew that he has an aide who goes above and beyond!! Here's to more lunch/play dates!!!

Kim C

Mark said...

agree with Kim, not any aidewould be interested in helping a child all year along. Go Mrs. H!