Friday, August 12, 2011

ARC Pool Party #2

Last night our county ARC had another pool party.  The weather was a little chilly for a pool party, but the boys were excited about it.  The last time we went, we rode with my sister and her kids.  Eric didn't go to the last one.  This time he was planning on going.  If you know a fragile x kid, you know something as minor as changing the people who will be present can cause a meltdown.  I wrote up a schedule of events, especially for Drew, since he's so anxious, but went over it with both boys for good measure.  First we'd eat supper with Daddy, then change into swimsuits, then ride in the van to the pool.  Next was swimming, then we'd go home. 

Things went really well.  The kids went right into the pool and they had a great time.  Eric got in the water with them.  I had my swimsuit on under my clothes, but it was chilly and I was not excited about getting in the water.  My sister and her kids were there, so we talked with them.  Our parents came to see their grandkids having fun swimming. 

Drew wanted to go in the "big pool" so he and Eric did that.  Blake really wanted to get in the big pool, but was nervous about it.  He kept getting close and putting his legs in, but if Eric came close to get him, Blake would dodge off the steps.  Finally, Eric got him in, and Blake clung to him like a wildcat.  It was funny.  He got out quickly and headed back to calmer waters. 

When I looked back at the pictures of the night, I can see how Blake was hyperaroused all night.  You can see how tense his muscles all are and he flapped his hands a lot.  Not that it's so bad when he was happy, it's just something I observed later.  When it was time to change into regular clothes, he started crying.  He said, "Kiss it, Mommy?"  I asked if he had gotten hurt.  He said, "No, I cold!"  Poor baby.  I got him all dressed and it was better. 

Next, Eric was going to change, so he took Blake with him, while I took Drew and helped him changed.  After we were finished with that, Drew was upset because Eric and Blake were still not out of the dressing rooms and he really didn't want to leave anyway.  So, we had a small transition issue at that point.  About a minute later, Eric and Blake emerged from the dressing room and we were on our way home. 

Eric and I had a "side dialogue" about how good the kids were at the pool and how proud we were of them.  Of course they were listening to every word, and Drew asked if we could go swimming again.  I told him we could and maybe even when we have to go to Chicago next time, we'll swim at the hotel.  He seemed happy about that. 

Here are some pics of the night:

Drew told me to get in.  He even offered to catch me if I jumped in.  lol.  Funny guy.