Sunday, August 28, 2011

Video Modeling

For years, my mom and dad have been watching our X-men while Eric and I go to church.  For the past--I don't know--two years? Drew has had some major transition issues.  He'll refuse to get out of the car, then when he does get out, he runs to the house and shuts the door behind him, trying to keep us out.  Or he'll throw the door open hard and a bang it into the wall. 

 Don't get me wrong, he loves to go there.  It's just the getting us out if the way and off to church so he and Blake can have Grandma and Grandpa to themselves that is so difficult.  Last Monday, I made a video of going into my parents' house.  I gave a play-by-play of what we'd do (ie-go to the porch, ring the doorbell, etc.) My mom and dad played their parts with the things they always say when we go there.  Between Drew and Blake, it was viewed 81 times in the past week.  That's the literal number.  So, we thought we'd try to duplicate it today for church.  We also set them up with the picture schedule for this morning.  Oftentimes Drew will start to get anxiety about the whole siutation and say, "I NOT going to Grandma's house."  He really didn't say that this morning.  He did tell me that he was going to stay with Grandpa while Grandma went to the store, but I just told him that was fine.  We saw him go over to the fridge this morning to check his schedule.  I LOVE that!  It tells me that the schedule means something to him and gives him some degree of reassurance. 

Of course, if this were a perfect remedy, Drew would have been able to follow the video and make his transition a lot easier.  Blake re-enacted the video easily.  Drew wanted to, but it was so hard for him.   He got to the front door, but wouldn't come in.  My dad went out and sat on the front porch with him until it was time for us to go to church.  I guess he was ok after we left, because he wasn't on the porch anymore when we got back.  :) 

I am debating about what to do at this point.  Do we follow the video model and try again next week?  My gut tells me this is a good idea.  My heart (which feels bad for Drew) wants to make it easier on him and see if Grandma and Grandpa can just pick the boys up next Sunday.  They'd be more than willing, but I don't want to give up on the process, either. 

I have to say that my parents are awesome and willing to do whatever will work best for us.  Not to mention taking care of our kids while we're at church then feeding us lunch afterward. 


Kim C said...

Sounds like there was some progress! Hope you try it again, and it's easier every time! Keep us updated--it's an intriguing idea! Oh, and hurray for super-supportive grandparents!