Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Social Stories with Boardmaker

Recently, Eric and I got the new Boardmaker Studio.  I haven't learned all the bells and whistles yet on it, but I am happy to have it for the schedules. 

Every day, the boys' aides drop them off after school.  I usually talk with them a few minutes and go in the house.  I have the televisions on for the boys along with a snack ready to go for them.  I know they could do this themselves, but it helps with the transition.  Anyway, the past couple weeks, they don't seem to like when I talk to their aides.  They yell at me from the door, or close and lock the door.  I like being able to talk to both of them after school, so I decided that I'd try to make a social story of sorts using our new boardmaker program.  I think it turned out pretty well.  Now if it is effective, that will be awesome!

*edited to add that I made a picture which I will tape on the door before they get home. 

I'll update later how it goes.

**Edit #2**

So I had everything set up for them.  Snacks, favorite shows, etc.  I taped the sign to the front door.  Well, Blake ran in first, slamming the inside door behind him.  That wouldn't have been so bad, but it was locked (Oopsie, guess I forgot that detail!) and Drew burst into tears.  I ran into the house from the garage and let Drew in.  I had placed his social story beside his snack as a reminder, and I headed back outside.  I talked for a couple minutes with Drew's aide and was pleased that there were no boys in their underwear yelling at me from the porch.  When I got back in, they were watching television and eating their snacks!  Is there something wrong with me that I call that a success?  Nah, because it really is.  :)  


Kari said...

Hey! We made one up like this and added a page that said, "I will not scream or yell to my Mom." It solved the problem. I was amazed! :-)

Kristiem10 said...

That's awesome, Kari I have a page in there that says, "I will go in the house" and "I will not bang the door." but for some reason blogger would not let me upload that pic. Weird. Anyway, I read the book to each boy this morning before school.

Kari said...

Let me know how it goes! I know they will do great!