Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gearing up for Chicago visit #2

My father in law had a kidney transplant a week ago.  He came home from the hospital last night.  The surgery seems to have been a success and he is recuperating nicely. 

My mother in law stayed overnight at our house with Blake last time we went to Chicago.  She obviously can't do that this time, since she's taking care of Eric's dad. 

Eric's sister said she could watch him for us, but she is just coming back from a three week (?) long trip to Texas.  She flies in this evening, so that would be pretty hectic for her.  We decided the best route would be to bring Blake with us.   Drew's appointment is supposed to only last twenty minutes, having him with us for that shouldn't be a problem. 

We have noticed some slight changes in Drew's behavior, but are hesitant to say whether we believe it is because of the meds.  His aide told us last Thursday that he had the best day ever, so that is good.  He allowed some classmates to sit at his table at lunch one day. 

Today around five o'clock, we noticed that he was agitated.  Then I realized that I had forgotten to give him his afternoon dose of the med.  He seems much calmer now, though I think he's getting nervous about going back.  I've gone over the schedule for tomorrow with both boys and posted the schedule on the fridge.  Both boys have gone up to it and looked at it more than once today.  We'll bring the schedule with us so we don't have to answer the question, "Where's Chicago?" forty-eleven times. 

I'll update when we get back!