Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tonight Eric told me that I'm a blog slacker.  And I guess he's right.  It's been a week. 

Tomorrow is our IEP meetings for Drew and Blake.  I think we have them complete.  We worked on them and sent them back and forth between us, teachers and therapists.  Hopefully it will basically be a read-through and we can be done for another year.  I know it's important and I like to see the progress the boys have made in the past year, but to me, it is not a fun project.  Necessary, but not fun.  We are not parents who will just go into the meeting and sign the papers.  We want to be actively involved in the IEP writing process.

The past couple days have been hard for Drew.  His anxiety level has been really high.  We're still muddling through that the best we can. 

Blake and I went shopping yesterday with my sister and her son, Kyle.  (Kyle has Fragile X as well)  It was fun and funny.  There were some not so funny moments, like when we lost Kyle at the mall.  You wouldn't think you could easily lose a 140lb redhead fourteen year old, but it can be done.  We were in Sears and he wandered out into the mall.  Thankfully there was someone there who knew us and saw us looking for him.  She said, "Are you looking for Kyle?  I just saw him out in the hallway."  Kelly located him from there and off we went.  We lost him twice more as the day went on. 

In the van, I was trying to get Blake to name coins and their value.  Then Kyle started asking him math questions, like "What's 5+5?" and "What's 10+10?"  Later, Kyle quizzed Blake on spelling words.  He asked Blake if he could spell mom, mother and Father Steve.  lol, that boy (Ky) does love Fr. Steve. 

In the dressing room, Kyle decided he wasn't enthused about trying on pants, so Blake offered to help. And when Kyle sneezed, Blake blessed him. 

We ran into my cousin Margie at Kohls and she loaned us her 30% off coupon.  Blake wanted a stuffed lion by the registers.  At first I told him no, but then I thought, what the heck?  It's only going to be $3.50 after the discount.  Blake was so happy!  Kelly took a pic on her iPhone and was supposed to email it to me, but was a bit remiss on her follow-through.

It's now after midnight, and sure as anything one of the kids will wake up at 5:30 for the day. 


Anonymous said...

Oops, I will send it right now!!! Kelly :)