Monday, February 27, 2012

Drew was sick yesterday.  He got up around 7:00am and was ok.  I made him a couple blueberry waffles and got him some milk.  Around eight, he started whining and asking me to cover him up.  For some reason, I got the impression that his stomach hurt.  Since he is so bad about making it to the bathroom when he throws up, I got out a big bowl for him, just in case. 

I was making his bed when he let out his "I'm going to throw up" cry.  I sprinted through the house into the toyroom.  I grabbed the bow and got it in front of him just in time!  Whew.  Poor thing was miserable most of the day, though he only vomited the one time.  Most of the afternoon, he laid on the floor in the toyroom covered up with his blanket.  I am sure he had fever, though I didn't bother him with the thermometer.

Eric put him to bed at six thirty in the evening and he slept until 7:30 this morning.  We kept him home from school just to be sure he was all better.  He's joking about farts with Eric, so I guess that means he is better.  :)