Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drew and his classmates

I heard this story from two different people at the school and I am putting it together to the best of my knowledge.

There is a girl in Drew's special ed class whom he really likes.  She got him to go up on the slide on the playground the other day.  But when he got to the top, he was scared to go down.  Some of the kids noticed he was having trouble and they started cheering him on.  One person told me they were chanting, "Drew, Drew, Drew!" and the other person just said they were cheering him on.  Either way, the attention didn't upset him, but actually encouraged him to go down the slide!  I didn't hear about it until a couple days later, but when I did, I asked him about it after school.  When I asked if he went down the slide, he smiled really big and said he did. 

Also, I posted this on Facebook last week, but I wanted to blog it as well. 

Drew used to get really overwhelmed in the lunchroom, so he's been sitting at a table by himself most of the year. Now that he's on Arbaclofen he has been interacting with his classmates more at school. Today some of the other fifth graders asked Mrs. H (Drew's aide) if they could sit at his table with him. She told them they could if they didn't get too noisy. They agreed and nine other fifth grade boys sat with him today. He was so happy! He had the biggest grin on his face the whole time. He didn't eat much, but who cares?! When they were bringing their trays back to me, I thanked them for sitting with Drew. They were all like, "We wanted to! Drew is really nice." Made my day!


Lisa said...

Those are two great stories! Good for Drew and his classmates.