Monday, May 28, 2012

What to do with today?

Drew loves the routine of the school year.  And this school year ended exceptionally well for him.  He was really enjoying eating lunch with the kids in his class every day.  School ended on Thursday.

He was nervous on Friday morning when he knew I had to go to work but he didn't have school.  My niece Jessica babysat.  We had the schedule made out and posted on the fridge.  He did pretty well with that. 

Saturday was ok, he went shopping with Eric and they got him some new shorts and sandals. 

Yesterday was pretty good.  We had church then went to two parties.  This he didn't like so much.  He didn't hate it, but it was out of the ordinary.  The second one was a graduation party at our next door neighbors' house.  He lasted an hour until it was time to eat.  He got extremely agitated and started biting his hand and pushing at Eric.  I let him go home.  I got his supper ready for him and he got on the computer for awhile.  This was much better.  I went back to the party and ate.  We visited with the neighbors awhile, with me making periodic checks in with Drew. 

But today.  Drew doesn't know what to make of today.  It seems like a Sunday to him because we are all home.  But there's no church today.  And he usually goes to school on Mondays.  At the very least, Eric goes to work!  This morning, Eric let me sleep in and he got up with the kids.  I was jolted from a nice sleep with the sounds of Drew's high-pitched screams.  I flew out of bed to see what happened.  Drew was upset because he wanted to go to school.  Unfortunately for him, I had forgotten to put a new schedule up for today.  He said, "I need a schedule!"  I hurriedly put one together for him and he calmed down significantly. 

Dropped the ball on that one.  I am still wanting to come up with a schedule of events for this summer so every day's schedule doesn't say:  Breakfast, play, computer, snack, play, lunch, watch tv, etc.

Blake cried at night the last two days of school asking for Mrs. Werts, his special ed teacher.  He knew his time with her was coming to an end.  She's been with him since Kindergarten and he loves her.