Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22

Thirteen years ago today, Eric and I were joined in marriage.  We were talking this morning, and one week from today, it will have been nineteen years since our first date.

The weather today kind of reminds me of our wedding day.  It was cooler and rainy.  It literally poured down rain during our ceremony.  We could hear the deluge from inside the church.  At the time, I wondered what it all meant.  I heard some people say that it was good luck to have it rain on your wedding day.  I suppose that was to make the newlyweds feel better about it, because there were also people who said it was an indicator of a stormy marriage.

I don't really believe in luck and I don't believe the weather can predict the future.  A stormy marriage?  Maybe.  More like, we've weathered a lot of storms together.  And we've grown up in our faith and in our love for each other.  There is a comfort in knowing that the person you chose so many years ago has proven to be a true friend, supporter and partner. 

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!


Mark said...

Happy Annivery!
If it rains in the morning on your wedding day, your life together will face challenges early in your married life.
Annette's wedding day was the same weather, as on your wedding day. I thought to myself,on your wedding day, she has been married 17 years and has a strong marriage, so this
must be a GOOD sign Eric and Kristie will have the same.
May You & Eric Enjoy Many More Years Together!

Kim C said...

Happy, happy anniversary! We grow in strength with every challenge!!! You guys are a wonderful couple, and always love to hear the "still married, still in love, still believe in forever" stories!!!

the other lion said...

Happy Anniversary. Hope you are enjoying some time together.

Anonymous said...

You are still a sweet couple. Love, Mom and Dad