Friday, June 1, 2012

Conversation with Drew

I mean, like a real one!  I went to a retirement party last night for a friend who was the boys' infant intervention specialist.  The kids stayed with Eric.  This is the conversation we had this morning about it: 

Drew:  Mom, where did you go last night? 
Me:  I went to a party for Roxanne
Drew:  Who was all there?
I started listing some people I thought he might know.
Drew:  Hmm, who else was there?
Me:  Dr. Welsh was there.  (The boys' ENT and Roxanne's husband)
Drew:  What is his first name?
Me: Randy
Drew:  And?
Me:  Mrs. Arnold was there.  You know, the sixth grade teacher at school?
Drew:  Yeah.  Is she nice?
Me:  Yeah, she is nice.  She had her baby with her.
Drew:  Aww, is he cute?
Me:  Yes, but is is a girl.  She was cute.
Drew:  Did you have fun?
Me (amazed by this time):  Yes, I did have fun.
Drew:  Can I have some toast?

I couldn't believe it!  Our mornings usually consist of so many rituals, things he says and I have to repeat, or Eric does.  I don't think I've ever had a conversation of that length with him like that, especially with him initiating it! 


Anonymous said...

Hurray for another success!!!! I had that reaction at the last PNO when he was teasing me about helping with the dishes! So fun finally being invited into his world, or having him show interest in ours! Congrats on a wonderful day!

Jill said...

Awwww!!! LOVE this!!! :)