Monday, June 4, 2012

We have participation, people!

I repeat, we have participation!  Last year, we signed the boys up for Sluggers Little League baseball.  Blake liked it and did great with it.  Drew however, was not able to participate because of his major anxiety.  I have lots of pics of Blake playing ball and Drew hanging out by his grandparents or the fence or wherever there weren't lots of people.

Here we have a boy who is quite into this game

And here we have a boy who is more interested in the swinging gate than playing ball.

That was last year, though.  Here are some pics from yesterday's game:

See those two kids on the far right of the pic?  Those are my boys.  In a group picture.  Willingly.  Whoa.  Last year, Drew wouldn't do it at all and Blake squatted down between rows of kids and you couldn't really see him.

And here we are batting. 

And Drew's Uncle Tony is his "buddy" this year.  Drew is thrilled!  We are so excited to see what a difference a year has made for both boys.  It is wonderful.


Jill said...

That's great, Kristie! Looks like they're both enjoying it now!!! :)