Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A doctor appointment

About a month ago, Blake went to the doctor for a cough he had.  He ended up having bronchitis and getting a prescription for Zithromax.  It seemed to get better for awhile, but he started coughing again about a week or so ago.  I called the doctor's office to see if they'd call another prescription in for him, but of course, Blake came up to me while I was on the phone and proceeded to cough.  The receptionist heard him and asked if that was Blake.  I said it was and she said, "Oh my!  That sounds awful.  I think the doctor should see him."  Great.  I should have had her put the doctor on the phone to listen from there.  lol.  We got an appointment for eleven this morning.  I got the boys all ready and we brought our iPad and doctor tools with us. 

We only waited about five minutes in the waiting room.  Blake willingly stood on the scale and allowed the nurse to take his blood pressure.  He for some reason hates to have his temperature taken, but with some wrangling, I got him to sit still for that. 

I love my kids' doctor, don't get me wrong.  He takes as much time as you need with you and he makes you feel like your concerns are valid.  I like that.  But since he does that for all his patients, I know there will be a wait.  And sometimes a long one.  Today was about 35 minutes in the exam room.  And it is a tiny room.  Blake occupied his time by climbing under the table

spinning on the doctor's stool 
sitting in the chair

Drew played with the scale

When the doctor came, the boys did well, though.  Drew was pretty patient.  Only tried to leave the room twice.  And Blake did wonderfully well.  He even sat on the exam table for part of his exam. He had his toy stethoscope wtih him and he and Dr. Blatchly compared.  They high-fived each other and did a fist bump. I had to hold him on my lap for getting his ears looked at, but he allowed it without me holding him down.  He told the doctor to be careful.  And he said, "ahh" nicely when it was time to open up.   He has bronchitis again, or maybe still.  Anyway, ten days of Augmentin will hopefully do the trick.