Friday, July 13, 2012

A new train?

A couple days ago, we got a Young Explorers toy catalog in the mail.  Blake has been looking at it every day.  This morning he came up to me and showed me a train that was in it.  This is how our conversation went:

Me:  Yep, that's a neat train, isn't it?
Blake:  Buy it?
Me:  Oh, Honey, I am sorry, but I don't have any money for that.
Blake:  (holding one finger up) Just a second.

He ran off and returned with his purse.  (I know.  Eric has a fit about him having a purse)  Anyway, he opened up the wallet and dumped out a bunch of change and said, "It's for you," He placed the money in my hand, "Go to the store?"  About broke my heart.  I told him we should count the money and see if he had enough.  He had $1.44.  And the train cost $149.95.  I told him I was sorry, but that wasn't enough to buy a train.  He said, "Ask Daddy?"  I said Daddy wasn't going to buy a train today, but we could get out his old Leap Frog train.  I knew we had the right batteries for that one.  We set it up in his room and he's been playing with it ever since.