Monday, September 24, 2012

Five Questions

This is a meme I saw on another blog and decided to do it here.  Feel free to copy it if you like.

What were you doing ten years ago? I was raising a two year old who had only  been walking a few weeks.  I was also pregnant with my next boy. 

What are 5 things on your to-do list today?  I guess I'll have to change this to what WERE five things on my to-do list today, because the day is almost over.

1.  Get the kids off to school.  This can be a challenge and Drew was a bit grumpy this morning.  I packed lunches and gave showers and got kids dressed and out the door.
2.  Laundry.  Isn't that on my list everyday, though? 
3.  Vacuum out heaters.  It is getting chilly out and I wanted the heaters to be ready for it. 
4.  Iron clothes for tomorrow.  Another every day occurence around here. 
5.  Watch Dancing With the Stars.  Well, that technically wasn't on my list, but I did watch it.  And it's going to be a good season.  After they get rid of Pamela Anderson.

5 Snacks that I enjoy: 

1.  Pretzels dipped in ranch dressing
2.  Cereal.  I have always been a cereal-snacker, but my latest favorite is Krave. 
3.  Cheddar or Colby cheese slices.  Just a few slices, no crackers, thank you.
4.  Potatoes.  I slice 'em thin and bake them in the oven until they get brown.  Yummy!
5.  Ice Cream with melted peanut butter.  Thanks to my husband for introducing me to that one.  I try to restrain myself and make that a rare treat, though.

5 Things I would do if I was a billionaire:

1.  Tithe it 
2.  Donate a bunch of it for Fragile X research.
3.  Give to my family and friends
4.  Build a house with an awesome sensory/therapy room for the boys and a separate apartment for them to live in when they are adults.
5.  How sad is it that I can't think of a number five?!

Five Places I've Lived:

1.  My parents' house in Newport
2.  My parents' house in Fort Loramie
3.  Eric's mom and dad's house in Sidney
4.  Our apartment in Fort Loramie
5.  Our current house in Fort Loramie

Five Jobs I've Had:

1.  Newspaper delivery girl
2.  Waitress at Ponderosa (where I met Eric) CJ's Highmarks

3.  Bank Teller at Star Bank then First National Bank
4.  Stay at home mom
5.  School cook

And there you have it--five questions answered by yours truly.