Friday, October 26, 2012

Trick or Treat

In our county, we have Trick or Treat the Thursday before Halloween.  I don't really know why, but was glad it was last night, because the weather was great!  75 degrees!

About ten days ago, Drew brought home from school an invitation. It was honestly his first invitation to an outside-school event ever.  A classmate had invited boys to come to his house before trick or treat.  Drew hadn't planned to go trick or treating this year, but when he actually got invited, we encouraged him to go.  I asked his aide to have his classmates talk to him about him going and how fun it would be.  The most I could get out of him on the subject was, "I'm NOT wearing a mask!"  Nor was he thrilled about dressing up.  I told him he didn't have to, but we were going to try to go to Weston's house either way.  He seemed okay with that, and even told his aide on the day Trick or Treat that he was going. 

Eric and I hadn't yet decided who was taking whom, so I asked Drew if he wanted me to take him or Dad.  He said he wanted to go in Dad's car and listen to "Jesus" (that's the song Firm Foundation) on the way.  I agreed that could happen.  Eric balked at the idea of driving, as they live just around the corner from us.  But I told him to do it, if it meant Drew was comfortable with going.  He agreed to it and off they went. 

Blake was harder to convince.  He took his costume off twice before we left for Trick or Treat.  He his his head in his costume when his aide stopped by to bring him a special treat. He kept saying, "I'm a BOY!" to remind me that he was still Blake and not the Hulk.   He stood in the driveway refusing to go anywhere for a few minutes.  I think he was thrown off by Drew not going with him and having to go by himself with me.  Anyway, I tried to coax him to the neighbor's house, but eventually the neighbor, Dave came over with his treat and put it in Blake's pumpkin bucket.  Blake thanked him and wished him a Merry Christmas (yes, he did) and we went on from there. 

We made our way to the other end of town where my mom and dad live.  We stopped at Blake's teacher's house along the way.  We saw several of his classmates who said hi to him and reported that they had seen Drew trick or treating.

Eric later said that when they got to Weston's house, that Drew wouldn't get out of the car. When the boys who were there saw Drew was there, they flocked around the car and talked Drew into getting out.  They went into the house and Weston had a little dog that Drew was afraid of.  They put him in another room so Drew wouldn't be scared.  They took pictures and headed out for trick or treating.  Eric said Drew has those boys wrapped around his little finger.  They were offering to get his candy for him when he didn't want to go up to the doors, and at one point, Drew stood on the edge of a curb and said, "Wait!  Someone hold my hand!"  and a sixth grade boy came over and held his hand as he went off the curb.  lol. 

We didn't know how long he's be able to stay with the kids, but he lasted the whole time!  It was amazing.  Here are some pics:

Not happy to be in his costume. 
He was much happier by the time we got to Mrs. Hoehne's house. 

Trick or Treat!

Like we usually do, we ended up at my mom and dad's house.

He was showing off his candy to Grandma and Grandpa V.

This was Drew before he went to Weston's house.

The boys hung out before Trick or Treating began
It looks like Gavin (Waldo) has his arm around Drew.
And there Gavin and Shane (Waldo and old lday on the end) were pointing
to the camera to get Drew to look. 

And off they went!
The night was a huge success!


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

What an awesome story! You have some angels going to school with your sons. Loved this.

Mrs. Rogers Neighborhood said...

Amazing as always Kristie. The resiliance and determination you and Eric show the boys will carry you far! Never letting our own fear radiate to our boys is so powerful. So glad they got to participate! Awesome event!