Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A tough transisiton

Mrs. H. dropped the boys off from school and she said that Drew was moving too slow for Blake and it made Blake mad.  He hit or bit or kicked Drew, which obviously upset him. I didn't get the whole story, because when I opened the door, Drew burst out of the car and tried the close the door on me and Blake.  He then went banging into the house.  Blake bit my thigh.  I am not even sure how that happened, but whatever.  Mrs. H. tried to explain what was going on and apologized for bringing them home unhappy.  I assured her that we have plenty of difficult transitions home and not to worry about it.  We didn't have time to chat because Drew was banging the front door open and closed. 

I got in the house and Drew threw one of his shoes at me.  I ignored him and picked up the shoes and put them in the closet.  Then I went looking for Blake.  As soon as he saw me, he burst into tears, threw himself at me and said, "A tissue?"  I picked him up and he sobbed into my shoulder.  I rubbed his back and he said, "I bit you!"  I said, "Yes, and that is not ok.  But I forgive you.  I love you." He seemed happier about things and asked for a tissue again.  I grabbed him one and off he went.

Drew was still ticked off and sitting in the timeout chair.  I hadn't actually put him in timeout, but that's where he was.  He held his coat closed and said, "I am NOT taking off my coat!  No coat!  No homework!"  I went and got his afternoon Arbaclofen dose and he took it nicely, despite the fact that he was still majorly upset.  Blake grabbed the iPad and went into his room.  Drew ran into the toyroom and turned the television off.  Then he tried to turn it back on and it wouldn't work.  He burst into tears all over again and said he broke the TV.  And for a minute, I thought he might have, because it wouldn't turn on for me, either. I reset the power strip and tried it.  He bit his hand and said nasty things under his breath.  It came back on, but he still wasn't happy.  I walked away from him, but he kept following me around, trying to engage me.  I went into my room and laid down on my bed, pretending to sleep.  He came in and looked at me and said, "Oh, you don't feel good, huh?"  and went into his room, where he squawked for a few minutes.  I got back up and started picking up the wreckage.  I am not too proud to admit I tried to fake my kid out. 

Things have settled down now and both boys are happy.   I was just thinking of posting about how smoothly things have been going around here.  lol.  Honestly, things have been going well.  We always have a few moments here and there to keep things interesting, I guess.