Saturday, December 1, 2012

A good decision

In April, we got an iPad.  The boys both love it and fight constantly over whose turn it is.  On Black Friday, I bought another one.  Blake had chewed and picked at our old Otterbox cover so much that is was torn up.  We needed to get a cover for the new one anyway, so we got a replacement one for the first one. 

We waited to get out the new iPad until the covers came. Well, they arrived today.  This evening Eric started setting up the new iPad.  About a half hour into it, Blake came into our room and realized that this was a NEW iPad and not the old one.  He kept saying, "For me?! For Blakey?"  He was super-excited and kept telling Eric to be careful.  It was too funny.  We went through and downloaded all the same apps onto the new one that we have on the old one.  I want them to be identical, so there will be no fighting. 

Blake is happily playing Letter School at the moment.  Drew is in bed, but he will be excited tomorrow when he doesn't have to share. 


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

You're singing my song.... we had to get a second one too, not long after getting the first. And we went through a cover for it, too. And I tried putting all the same stuff on both of them, so there'd be no fighting.... and they still have to check out each other's iPad, just to make sure that brother doesn't have something better.... because you never know! Even if they are identical, sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side!