Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Haven't had a post like this in awhile....

Saturday evening, I wasn't feeling the greatest.  I have a bad head cold and didn't feel like cooking.  The kids were happy that I was going to order a pizza.  They think it is great fun to go with me to pick it up.  I told the boys to get dressed, that we would be leaving to get the pizza soon.  Drew ran to get his clothes on.  Blake came in the kitchen from the toyroom with blue hands.  He said, "I wash my hands first."  I figured he had been writing in one of our million notebooks and gotten his hands messy.  That's typical.  He washed his hands and went and got dressed.  Eric was still painting our woodwork when we got back.  I went in the toyroom to turn off the television before we ate.  What did I behold?

This was what Blake was doing when he got his hands all blue!  Thankfully it was washable marker and also thankfully we are replacing the carpet next month.  But it does make me worry about what he will do with that new carpet next month!  I thought we were past these types of things. 
Oh well, I guess it's time to put the markers back up for awhile and go over the rules about where we make our circles.