Friday, January 18, 2013

Not your typical 12 year old boy movie

This afternoon, Drew came home from school and asked, "Can we watch The Sound of Music?"  I double checked to make sure that I heard him right, and indeed I had.  I told him that we don't own The Sound of Music.  He made me prove it to him by letting him look at our DVD binders himself. 

He suggested we go to the movie store and buy it.  I had a better idea and checked with our local library first.  They had it and it was checked in.  The librarian said they'd hold it for us.  I told Drew we were going to get it at the library and that he needed to get dressed.  I have never seen him get dressed so fast.  He ran--yes ran! to his room and got dressed.  We went in and went to the DVDs to see what else was there.  Blake was looking for a movie while Drew kept saying, "Where is it?  Where is my movie?"  So I went and asked the librarian for it, so Drew could hold it until we were ready to check out.  Well, as soon as he had it in his hands, he was ready to go.  Blake hurriedly picked a movie Three Pigs and a Baby or something like that. 

We went home and we put it right in the DVD player.  He started singing with it right away, and when Maria was on the hills, singing about how they are alive, Drew started yelling, "Maria, the bells!  The bells!  Hurry!"  lol. 

It is a funny movie for him to want to watch, but I guess as long as he is happy, that's all that matters. 


Anonymous said...

Will give him One of my copies of the movie! mark