Friday, March 29, 2013

Playing in the snow

On Tuesday afternoon, Drew said to me, "Can I play in the snow when Daddy gets home?"  I said, "You want to play in the snow?  Why not just go out now?"  He said, "No, I'll wait for Daddy."  I said, "I am not sure Daddy's going to want to go out and play in the snow today."  He said, "Daddy wants to go out with me."  So, when Eric came home, I said, "Your son wants to go out and play in the snow and he is SURE you want to go out with him."  Well, let's just say I was correct in my initial guess and Eric wasn't thrilled with the idea.  But he told Drew he would.  Drew asked me if I would go out, too.  I said sure.  I asked Blake if he wanted to go out.  First he said no, but when he realized he got to wear his boots he changed his mind.  So out we went.

Here he is checking things out at first

Tromping around in the snow

Blake shoveling the backyard-lol

Getting ready to throw a snowball at Daddy

Chasing him down with his snowball

Drew getting in on the action

"See?  I knew this was going to be fun!"

"Hi Mom!"

Not a good picture, but I made Eric take it for future proof that I had actually gone out with them.   We were only out about twenty minutes or so, but they had fun and were happy to go back in the house.