Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why I love Drew's classmates

Today the sixth graders decided to do a flash mob in the lunchroom.  I am not sure how they talked the teacher on duty into letting them do it, but all of a sudden, some rap song came on the loudspeakers, sixth grade kids put on sunglasses and stood on their chairs and started clapping and dancing. 

I watched Drew from a distance.  He was quite startled by it and started biting his hand.  His back was to me, though, so I couldn't see him very clearly.  Several kids at his table were standing on their chairs.  I can just imagine him thinking, What just happened?  I was sitting here eating lunch with my friends and suddenly music comes on and everyone starts making lots of noise and standing on their chairs?! 

After the song ended, they sat back down.  I could see a couple kids leaning in and talking to Drew.  He wasn't biting his hand or anything, so I didn't intervene.  Then I saw him bust a rock with a couple boys.  The grade was released to return their trays.  When they came up to my area, I told them I liked their flash mob.  One boy said, "Drew didn't like it.  It made him sad."  I asked, "Did he cry?!"  He said, "A little, but don't worry, we made him happy again."  And he was.  He came to bring his trash up and he smiled at me, and I could see no trace of tears or agitation on his face.  He headed off to gym class with the rest of them.

I LOVE Drew's grade.  They obviously didn't think ahead that a flash mob might upset Drew (they are 12 year olds, after all!)  but they did whatever they could to make him happy again afterward.  And one of his classmates held his lunch bag while Drew threw away his trash.  They do what they can to help him feel like a friend.  And that will stay with him forever. 


Anonymous said...

To bad they did not tell drew about their plans, maybe would have joined in or at least would have enjoyed it more. But, the Kids Did Realize that DREW needed their understanding to get back to normal school time. Mark

Lisa said...

It is good that they realized that they upset Drew and comforted him after their cafeteria routine. Sounds like some good kids.