Sunday, April 7, 2013

A boost of self-confidence

Drew has a bad habit of saying, "I can't!"  He says it a lot.  He'll ask for more milk, so I'll say, "sure, why don't you get out the jug?"  He oftentimes replies by saying he can't do it.  If he encounters the least bit of resistance, he gives up and says,"I can't do it!  You do it."  I think he is so used to me doing things for him that he either thinks he isn't capable or it is just easier to ask me to do it.  Probably both.

This morning he wanted toast.  I said, "Ok.  You get the butter and a knife out."  He of course, said he couldn't.  I said, "Drew,  you can do LOTS of things."  He smiled and said, "Yeah, I can."  Then he got out the butter and a knife.  I know he needs to get more independent, so I am going to make a concerted effort to boost his confidence and ease him into doing  more and more for himself.


MsGrnEyz said...

I notice with my fxs son that if he can find a way to get you to do it for him ....he will lol. And its also faster and easier if we just do it too. In the end its not helping anyone and is definitely something we have to make a conscious effort to work on at our home too. :)