Saturday, April 27, 2013

The process of making a schedule

Drew loves his schedules.  He depends on them.  If he knows something is coming up, he can't relax about it until we've put it on the schedule.  We use Boardmaker Studio to make them, then print it off afterward.  He has taken to kneeling next to me as I make him a schedule. 

I have learned that the process of watching me make a schedule is as beneficial as the finished product itself.  Because we talk about which event is next on the schedule, Drew watches me put the pictures in order.  We print it out and he is pretty much done with it.  He likes to have it in case he needs to refer to it to remind himself of what's next.  But once he's participated in the making of it, it's like he doesn't need to refer to it, anymore.   

It is well-known that kids with Fragile X are visual and active learners.  This is a clear case of that.  We could verbally go over the schedule with Drew over and over, but if he helps participate in the process of making it, while looking at visual cues, it sticks in his head so much better.