Friday, August 17, 2007

Book Recommendation

I read a book called The Oak Leaves by Maureen Lang. It is so good. You must read it.

From Publishers Weekly
After Talie Ingram finds an old family journal while helping clean her mother's house, she enthusiastically settles down to read about the life of her ancestress Cosima Escott Hamilton, whose diary dates as far back as 1849. From the very beginning, Lang, a romance novelist and author of Pieces of Silver, deftly navigates back and forth in history between Cosima's 19th-century confessions about the strange circumstances surrounding her family and betrothal to Sir Reginald Hale and Talie's growing, present-day fears about her heritage and its potential impact on her beloved son, Ben. With each passing day, Ben shows more signs of struggle with tasks that even the smallest toddlers usually have mastered; waving goodbye, chewing food, and crawling are beyond his grasp. This causes Talie to wonder if the family "curse" Cosima writes about-that the women on her father's side only produce "slow-witted children"-is more than mere legend. The bulk of this tale is really Cosima's, centering on the complications that ensue regarding her postponed marriage to Sir Reginald and the deep feelings she develops for another man. And it's Cosima's lingering voice-her determination and faith-that inspires Talie to reconcile her son's diagnosis of fragile X syndrome (a disability Lang's own son suffers from) with her belief that God is merciful.

You can purchase it at or read it online HERE


VAIL said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I'm going to check and see if the library has a copy of this, sounds very interesting.
Please stop by my blog, I nominated you for the "Nice Matters Award"

Anonymous said...

I just got done with this book too and it is awesome!! Maureen Lang did an incredible job with it.