Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday night randomness

Drew's first day of school was a rough one. His aide is also his driver, and when she dropped him off, she said he cried off and on all day. He didn't touch his lunch. When he got in the house, he stripped off his clothes, drank two cups of milk and had a bowl of mac-n-cheese. This morning, he cried and pleaded with me to stay home from school. I practically had to force him into the car with his aide. I worried and prayed all day. He got home, and his aide told me that he had a good day. She said they got to see the real Drew. He started to cry a few times, but they were able to redirect him. He was fine. Yay! I know it's going to take awhile for him to adjust, but I was pleased he did okay today. He even ate most of his lunch, and the teacher wrote in his communication book that he did a nice job following directions.

Blakey had a good day at school. The teacher wrote that he was very calm until it was time to go on the playground, then he was very excited. Which probably means screaming and screeching in the halls. He loves to play outside!

When I got home from bible study tonight, Eric was on the couch and Blake was sitting in the recliner watching CSI. Hello? CSI is not for preschoolers, honey. He has a cold, and Eric gave him some Triaminic, which apparently wired him up. All my men are sleeping now, and I am enjoying the quiet.


Chris said...

I am glad Drew had a good day at school! I hope Blake feels better. Cold medience does the same thing to Anthony and he is a lot bigger than Blake. Maybe they(Eric & Blake) were watching CSI because they miss Vegas?!?!

Kristiem10 said...

lol! Yeah, I bet that's it. We need to come out for a visit. Too bad Eric used all his vacation time in Canada. Why does it not surprise me that cold medicine does that to Anth?

Peggy said...

Oh, I am so glad his day went better. It's so hard on us if we think they are unhappy where we've guided them to go.