Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A home visit

Blake's teacher and classroom aide came for a visit on Friday. Blake was excited about them coming, but I think it confused him a little. We waited outside for a while, and he said, "Where's the bus? Allen, where ah you?" I told him that he didn't have school, but Barb and Linda were coming to our house to play. He said, "No!"

When they arrived, he hid under the couch cushions. They drew him out quickly and we moved to the toyroom. We talked and they played with blocks, cars, and of course, Woody. They also played with the pile of blankets. I have some great pics of Linda with a blanket on her head, but I'll keep it to myself.

They took pictures to document their visit, and I said I was grabbing my camera too. Barb said, "As long as we don't end up on your blog!" lol. Sorry Barb. I limited you to one pic. Love ya!

Blake had fun with them, and later, after they were gone he played with his cars and garage. He pretened they were playing with him. He said, "Barb. Look at this!" And, "Linda, what you doin'?"

I was as excited about their visit as Blake. I swear, I need more adult interaction. lol!


Misty said...

Did they just come over to be nice or was there some therapy involved? That is terrific that you have teachers willing to do that. YAY for them! Teachers at heart for sure.

Anonymous said...

Matt doesn't like his home world and his school world to mingle either. He won't speak to friends from school if we see them out shopping. And he ignores family if he sees them at school. They just aren't allowed to collide. I'm glad he was able to recover quickly though. If it had been Matt he would have been winging the blocks and cars at

Kristiem10 said...

lol! Blake did wing blocks and cars at them! We had to redirect him from that. And Misty, they just come out once during the school year to each students homes to see them in their home environment.