Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nature Walk Talk and Mosquito Attacks

Yesterday in Drew's communication book, his teacher wrote that Drew cried during their nature walk. Not that he didn't like the nature walk, he didn't like the change of routine. Anyway, this morning, while we were waiting for Carol to pick him up, we had a conversation about our tree. It went like this:

Drew: Mom, there's our tree. (walks to tree)
Me: Yep. That's ours.
Drew: It's a big one. I go up there?
Me: You want to climb the tree? I don't know how you'll get up there...
Drew: Mom, you help me. Come here.
Me: Not today. I can't lift you that high.

He must have stirred up the mosquitos in the grass because I got bit. I counted eight bites on myself. Even my forehead got bit. What is up with that? I am itching like crazy. Now I wonder if he got bit.

I told Carol when she got here what Drew said about the trees. She said they talked about tress on their nature walk, so even though he wasn't thrilled about it, apparently it sank in. Yay Drew!