Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kind of proud of myself

A long time ago, I bought a Hot Zone construction site for the boys. It looked to have a bunch of little pieces to put together,and I didn't want to mess with it, so I put it up on the highest bookshelf and forgot about it. Lately, Blake has been pointing to it, and saying, "I want dat!" I'd try to redirect him with something else, but he was persistant. So I caved and got it down. I got it out and looked at the directions, which were only in Chinese. Since I don't know how to read Chinese, I decided to wing it, and go by the picture. After several minutes, and a little "help" from the boys, I got it together! Yay me. I even put the stickers in the right places. So then I thought, I am definitely blogging about this! And ran for my camera. We have so much junk around in the toyroom that I tried to hide the background with the beanbag chair. lol. Anyway, I hope you are as tickled about it as I was, because if I want to see it now, I can either look at the picture or the forty million pieces of it that are scattered around the toyroom. Yeah, it comes apart a lot faster than it goes together.