Monday, November 19, 2007

Nice try, Wal-mart

It so happens that I am a big fan of Cream of Wheat. It makes me feel toasty warm inside. Have I mentioned that I hate cold weather? Well, Cream of Wheat is a consolation of fall and winter. We haven't had our first real snow yet, and I have been through two boxes of the stuff.

Eric went to the grocery for us on Saturday. He's the grocery-getter in the family. My FIL asked him once, "Do you always get the groceries?" I guess he thinks it should be my job, and not the man's job. Whatever. That's another post altogether.

Anyway, I forgot to put Cream of Wheat on my list for Eric. And he didn't get any for me. What ever happened to anticipating your wife's needs?! Hmm? So today, after my Thanksgiving bread deliveries to all the boys' teachers and therapists, I went to Wal-Mart. While I was there, I went to pick up some of my beloved hot cereal. They had the kind I like, which is this:

He's my man, that guy with the nice big smile on the box. He is thinking, Dang, I make the best Cream of Wheat ever!. Why didn't I hear what he was saying? I saw a box of cream of wheat that said "Farina Hot Cereal" and it promised to be ready in two and a half minutes, just like my red box. The price was ridiculously low, so I bought it.

I brought it home, and looked at the directions. They called for the same amount of cereal, a dash of salt, but they said to put in a whole cup of water, where my red box man says to use 3/4 a cup. I disregarded the directions on my new generic box, and went with the standby directions. The stupid stuff overflowed my bowl and went all over the microwave. What was left in the bowl, I doctored up with a little bit of sugar and some milk. It was too thin, and didn't have the nice cozy factor my regular brand has. So, I will not be fooled again by low prices.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Cream of Wheat. I haven't had it in years. I will have to get some tonight, because now I am craving it.

Punkin's Oma

Chris said...

Cream of Wheat....It is on the core plan with Weight Watchers but I prefer another smiling Guy..
Quaker Oats!