Friday, November 2, 2007

Take a journey with me into outer space...

And have some astronaut coffee. My mom, sister, cousin Annie and I stopped at Wal-Mart last night after bunko, and someone pointed out this self-warming coffee. It reminded me of something an astronaut would drink, and I wanted to try it for myself, so I bought one. I selected the Hot Cocoa instead of coffee.

This morning is a good morning for hot cocoa. It is chilly. I am sleepy. Blake was up all night throwing up. I need a pick me up. So, here we go:

First-let's just have a look at this modern marvel.

Now, the directions say to turn it over and remove metal bottom. Ahh, there we go.

Next, I am supposed to push the button down until the green water drains, and after ten seconds, I am to turn it right-side-up. Done.

Ok, so see that little white dot? It used to be pink. White means it is done. Time to try it. I sip gingerly, only to burn my tongue. Yeowch!

See in there? It looks like hot chocolate, right? Well, it should be called molten-hot-burn-your-tongue chocolate.

So, wow. That was a lot of work for a cup of hot chocolate. The flavor is ok. I think I'll stick with the microwave. Unless of course, I travel to outer space. In which case, this is the definite way to go.


Paula said...

Hi Kristie,

Some things just don't taste like the real thing. I have to make my coco the old fashion was cause I do not have a microwave.


Amanda said...

lol I laughed at the end. sorry for your scorched tongue. I haven't tried one of those cup thingies before. How long did you have to wait until you could drink it?

Kristiem10 said...

5-6 minutes.