Saturday, December 1, 2007

Adventures of Shane and David

My boys like to watch the Upside Down Show. They are watching it right this moment, in fact. Or I should say Drew is watching it, and Blake is playing with a piggy bank and making up his own plot. This is what I have heard him saying:

"Hi Shane. Where are you? Oh, thank you! Mmmhhuaaa. (kiss sound) Oh thank you! Action Finguhs!(fingers) David, what you doing? Ouch! Don't hit. Come on! Let's go!"

He cracks me up. I like when he does Actions Fingers. This is what Wikipedia says about Action Fingers:

Occasionally Shane and David have need to call upon the resources of two rough-and-tumble figures, Knuckles and Pointy. These two digit adventurers are performed by Shane and David when they "let their fingers do the walking" over props and scenery.

Their all-time favorite episode is when the bald Shane visits the Very Hairy room and his hair grow like, eight feet long. They have to find the babrber shop, and end up several other places during their search, including a rock concert and the Hairbrush Room. Yay for Shane and David. We used to have to get a napkin out for Shane and David at supper. Thankfully they started taking their meals elsewhere.