Friday, December 21, 2007

Blake's Christmas Program

It was last night. A church with a Jumbo Tron allowed Blake's school to hold their Christmas program there. They have been doing it there for about three years or so. Drew had his last preschool concert there, too. When we got there, Drew refused to go in. He said, "No singing. I can't wanna sing." It took a lot of convincing, but finally we got him to a seat. I guess he thought he had to get in front to sing. lol.

Blake was happy, and went willinging to the person in charge of him. He was probably the youngest child who performed. He is in an older class this year so he could keep his teacher from last year. His class was first. His helper went along and knelt behind him. He had sticks to tap together, and as soon as she had the sticks in his hands, she snuck a Santa hat on his head. She told me later that the only way he'd keep it on was to have his hands busy. lol. Anyway, they sang their song. (the rest of the class did, Blake just watched and tapped his sticks) At least he participated in that way. They went back to their seats to watch the rest of the kids perform. The sanctuary was dark, and the kids were too far away for me to get any really good pictures. I zoomed digitally, and so my pics are a little grainy. Since I am not skilled with Photoshop, these are the best I can do:

This was before the concert started. He was a little awed by the number of people looking his way, so he sucked his thumb.

This was taken right before they began. Still sucking that thumb!

Drew was enthralled by the program. He loved it! He stood in our row and did the hand motions along with the kids, but after a few songs, he got in the aisle and hopped, and danced. He even went up to the front to wave to his former aide. I would have taken pictures, but my camera battery died.

Afterward, we went to Culver's to eat with my parents, my sister and her kids. It was fun. We saw Evie, a little girl in Blake's class there. (I can't remember for sure, but I think she is the one in the red dress in the picture above) They love each other. Evie gave Blake a tight squeeze. When we went to sit down, he said, "Come on, Evie, come on!" So cute! And when he saw her leaving, he stood up on the seat and yelled, "Bye Evie!"