Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Where the camera? Where?"

This morning I took a picture of Blake doing something cute. Then, about an hour later, I thought, where did I put my camera? So, I looked on the desk where I usually keep it. Not there. I thought, Crap, did one of the boys get it, and put it somewhere? So I asked Drew if he knew where it was. He said, "Yep, come with me." I was relieved for a moment, but he brought me to the desk and pointed to the empty case. So I started looking in all the places I thought the boys might put it. I asked them again where mommy's camera was. They followed me around looking. Blake started saying, "Where the camera? Where?" I looked for a half hour for that dang thing. Finally I found it in a basket on the counter. Duh! Poor kids got the blame when I just forgot where I put it.


Anonymous said...

Say the prayer to St Anthony!
"Tony,Tony look around someting is lost and must be found."

You will find in a spot you know you looked before, but is so obvious, makes you say Duh!


Chris said...

Tony, Tony, what is St Anthony on The Sopranos???

Anonymous said...

lol...I have so done that before.

the other lion said...

I always blame stuff on Punkin and then realize later it is my fault. Instead of repeating "Where is it?" he says, "I don't know" but it comes out, "Ni no no?" And he puts his arms up and shrugs.