Sunday, December 23, 2007


Friday night, the kids and I went to my sister Kelly's house while Eric went shopping with our brother-in-law Tony. I left my kids with her for a bit so I could pick up som chocolates for my grandparents' Christmas gift.

While I was gone, my sister called me to tell me that Blake threw up. Ugh. My nephew Kyle and I hurried back, and when we got there, Blake was in the tub getting a bath. Kelly said he threw up all over her. She had ordered a pizza, so I brought that back with us. I told her we'd just take half the pizza home with us, and get out of there.

Thankfully, Blake made it home before he threw up again. I put the boys to bed and waited for the next round of throwing up. And it came pretty soon. He threw up at least ten times! Poor guy was miserable.

Yesterday he was a little subdued, and we only let him have oyster crackers and sips of Sprite. Last night was my grandparents' Christmas party, so Eric stayed home with Blake, and Drew and I went without them.

He is better today, thankfully. Hopefully it will not spread to the rest of us!


Maddy said...

We had a similar dose of that about a week ago - miserable, but I was glad to have it over and done with so that hopefully we can enjoy a healthy and happy Christmas
Best wishes

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SB said...

we too are germy here. Two out three kids woke up with hurting throats. One has already puked.

Merry Christmas and wash the sheets.


Hope everyone in your house is healthy soon.