Saturday, December 29, 2007

lots of stuff, no unifying theme

I stole that title from Erika at The Other Lion. I thought it was great. I think I'll do it list-style like she did.

1. Blake has been extremely cuddly lately. He'll come up to me and say, "Mommy!" in a high squeaky voice and say, "Hold you?" Last night he climbed on the couch next to me and took my face in his hands and kissed me. So sweet!

2. I just had a conversation with Drew that went like this:

Drew: Mommy, come lay in my bed. (pats bed) With me.
Me: Okay (climbs in)
Drew: Mommy, what's your name?
Me: Kristie
Drew: It's Mommy.

3. Drew woke up today at 4:45am. I was sound asleep, and I heard a loud, "Woo-hoo!" I groaned and rolled over, hoping that by some slim chance, he was talking in his sleep. About thirty seconds later, he appeared at my door. "I go in the toyroom?" said he. I said, "No, it's too early. Go back to bed." I got up and tucked him back in. He said, "I get up in....ten minutes?" lol. I said, "No, you stay in bed for an hour" lol. That was wishful thinking. I think he was up in about fifteen minutes.

4. This year was one of our best Christmases ever. Blake and Drew both liked unwrapping presents. They were well behaved, and we all had fun.

5. Both boys got these Sesame Street Dominoes. Blake especially loves them. They came in a tin, and he loves to dump them into various containers and shake them up. He also likes to line them up.


the other lion said...

1. Awww! Your boys are so sweet. Punkin says "hold you," too. I can't say no. I try, but then I pick him up anyway.
2. Punkin woke up really early, too. He always teases me by climbing into bed with me and laying down, but then he just starts playing and kicking me in the face.
3. I have no idea why this is a list.
4. Oh--and I love the organizing. I did a little myself, but I got sort of overwhelmed. I think if you came over and we had a drink we could accomplish a lot more. =)

Anonymous said...

Because I am feeling list happy too:

1. I love how Blake says "Hold you?" It melts my heart every single time I read that!!

2. Don't you love when kids are smarter than you? Or when your fraggles ask you questions they already know the answer too? It's like they are testing your intelligence. It's no wonder when they are teens they think we are dumb ;-)

3. Ya 15 minutes is like an hour in kid

4. Us too!!

5. I love it when our kids get an education product to help stimulate their brain and they just like to ooh and ahh at the pictures and line them up too. :)

6. I hope I fixed my freezing up issues on my blog. Let me know if you still have problems k :-)

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