Monday, January 21, 2008

Why I am excited about the International Fragile X Conference

1. We are in need of potty training assistance. Sure, we trained one Fragile Xer already, but this second child is quite different. And he's almost five. It is high time.

2. I like seeing the kids (and adults) with Fragile X that come to the conference with their parents. Last time I went, there was a little boy there who reminded me so much of Drew it was unbelievable. I love these Fragile X guys and I want to keep them all.

3. Five days away with just grownups. The break is nice, and after being immersed in Fragile X info all day, it is good to be able to just relax and go to dinner without having to pull a child from under a booth, clean up spilled milk, and quiet the squawking.

4. Meeting other parents with kids and family with Fragile X. In our everyday lives, we don't encounter other parents of Fragile Xers. It is great to sit and talk (and maybe have a drink) with parents who really understand what we deal with day to day.

5. Having access to the professionals who dedicate their lives to our children. It is amazing to me to be in the same room as these special people who have given so much of themselves to our kids. They make themselves available, and answer questions specific to your child, if you ask.

6. Learning new research information. This year should be really interesting.

7. Getting a good reminder of the things we already know about Fragile X, but have forgotten in the frustration of the moment. (hyperarousal, anxiety, sensory processing difficulties) Sometimes it is a wakeup call for us to remember how difficult it can be for our kids to just fuction, let alone behave properly.

8. A vacation! Even though it is mostly "business", we try to squeeze as much out of the trip as we can. This year the conference is in St. Louis, and I intend to visit the Gateway Arch, and see other touristy things.

9. When I get home, I am excited to be with my boys, and have gotten a new perspective and respect for them.


the other lion said...

i tried to see how much registration is. do you know? i think my mom and i may need to go. wouldn't that be fun???

Anonymous said...

1 word ~ lucky. I would love to go but we just can't afford it. I'm hoping in 2010 it moves closer to us. Blog lots when you go or get back or when you can unload the :)

Leanne said...

We are so looking forward to it also - See you there!

fragilemom said...

We went to the last conference in Atlanta in 2006. We being my husband, me, James (2 1/2 at the time), Grace (1 at the time), and the kids' grandma and papa - lifesavers to the max! We just weren't quite ready to leave the kids at home yet. We learned so much.

And for the comment from the other lion (I think that's what it says, I can't read it cause it's partly covered) and for fxsmom.......they offer scholarships for 1st timers. That's how we went. Try checking into that on the website. I'm not sure when the application deadline is.

We won't be going this year because we can't afford it. I would love for you to post interesting findings you get from it this year!