Monday, February 25, 2008

A library run

So on Saturday I borrowed two DVDs from the library. I usually try to go without them because frankly, it's just easier. I realized today that the DVDs were due back today. Since Eric is away on business all week, I got the boys dressed and off we went. I considered leaving the boys in the van and dashing in and out. But, Drew was so excited about being at the library that the guilt creeped up on me for not taking him to the library often, and so we all went in.

This is a small, one-room library, so I could see the boys from any spot. I put the videos in the return basket, and went to the DVD area to look for a new movie for the boys. I was thinking Curious George, since they adored that the last time we got it. Blake headed for the VHS rack, which spins. He looked through the tapes, and inspecting all the ones he recognized. When he got to Toy Story, he tucked it under his arm and brought it to me. I told him we have Toy Story at home, and asked him to put it back. He actually obeyed me, but before he made it to the rack, he started to drop it. The plastic cover came off. Thanfully, when I looked at it, I could see that it had already been taped. Just needed re-taped.

Meanwhile, Drew was being the doorman, opening the door for patrons, saying, "Hi. We're at the library! See?" A nice thing about living in such a tiny town is that everyone knows us, and people just smiled and said hello to him. There was a line at the librarian's desk, so I decided to look for a book. (Blake was playing with Legos at this point) Drew came over to me and told me he wanted to get some books. So we went to the children's book area, and he picked out four or five books at random. An interesting approach to choosing a book, but not altogether a bad plan. I think he'll actually like the ones he picked without looking.

So, we waited in line. Actually I should say, I waited in line, Drew wandered around the librarian's desk, saying hi to people and running a commentary ("You get a book?", "That's your coat, see?", among other things.) I checked out the books Drew picked and we left. Not too bad, after all. I guess we'll be going back more often in the future.


The Other Lion said...

you are very brave. =) i love how kids say hi to complete strangers, but they won't say hi to their family members or teachers.

Paula Fasciano said...

Ha! I too have contemplated leaving boys in the car for all of 30 seconds to drop off a book, movie, make a bank transaction...and always end up taking them in b/c the guilt consumes me!