Saturday, March 29, 2008

Feeling Blessed

A couple years ago, I thought we'd never get time to ourselves. Getting a babysitter and going out without kids was a foreign idea. Oh, relatives have watched our kids from time to time, but we hated to ask that of them on a weekend night. Usually we limited our leaving our kids for "important" things, like parent teacher conferences, doctor's appointments, etc. And frankly, we didn't trust a lot of others with our kids.

Since we started taking dance lessons, we've had to get more sitters. My parents watched the boys most of the time, but we recently signed up for more lessons. We are having my niece Ashley come babysit while we go to lessons.

And tonight, we are going to another dance. On a Saturday night! My niece Jessica is watching the boys for us. The boys have fun, we have fun, the babysitter makes a little money. We all win.

I just feel really blessed that we've gotten to the point where we are getting more comfortable leaving our kids with someone for a short time. There were many times where I have just wanted to "get away" with Eric and not have to be a mom. Well, I still would like to spend some time alone with him on a remote island (hubba hubba!) but an evening of dancing in his arms is pretty nice, too.


Anonymous said...

WTG on going out with the hubby :)

Patsy Clairmont said...

Good for you...take time for yourself and your hubby cause then you'll be a sane,r wiser parent and a more astute wife.

May your coordinated dance steps be a reflection of your harmonious relationship.

Blessings, Patsy