Thursday, March 13, 2008

I must be nuts

So yesterday when I got Blake off the bus, Allen the bus driver said, "Well, I'll see you after Spring Break, I guess." I said, "What about tomorrow? Won't you be here tomorrow?" He said, "Nope, Spring Break starts tomorrow." What? What?! "I said, "Oh man, I was thinking it didn't start until next week. You sure you don't want to come pick Blake up for a couple hours tomorrow?" He laughed and assured me that he did not.

The main reason I wish Spring Break didn't start until next week is that I have a cleaning job to do today. I clean for three different people a week. Today's cleaning job takes about two and a half hours to do. I thought about canceling, but I hate to do that on such short notice, and I will have to cancel next week because both boys will be home. I called my mom to see if she could watch the boy while I clean today. She only has an hour and a half break between working, but said she'd watch Blake for part of the time for me.

So. I am going to bring Blake with me to this house, and hope he doesn't tear the place up. I brought him with me one other time, a long time ago, and he did ok, but he has been a little more unruly lately. Thankfully, the owners of the house I clean have told me I am welcome to bring my kids if necessary. So, I am not sneaking him in or anything. That is good. I will bring some DVDs and hopefully that will pacify him until my mom comes for him. I'll report back later.

*edited to say that we survived. Blake sat on the recliner and watched Polar Express most of the time. Towards the end he got bored and started following me around, and about fifteen minutes before my mom got there, he put his coat on, ready to go.


Anonymous said...

how stressful!!! I hope it all works out ok!!