Wednesday, March 12, 2008


When I was a kid, I was really sensitive to tags in my shirts. My mom took a lot of them out for me. I got that from her. She is the same way. The boys have sensory issues, and I have always tried to be diligent in checking the tags in their shirts to make sure they aren't scratchy or pokey, or whatnot. I even iron down Drew's tags in his school uniform shirts to make sure they don't bother him.

Now, thankfully most of the clothes we buy anymore have replaced the tags for stamps in the back with the size and fabric, etc. Well, yesterday I got Blake dressed for school. He didn't really want to wear the shirt I had picked out. I have to wrestle him into his clothes most days as it is, so I didn't give his protest much thought.

About fifteen minutes later, he came up to me carrying his little blue safety scissors, and had his shirt lifted up on one side pulling on the tag. He said, "Help you, Mommy?" Poor kid had a tag poking him in the side, and needed it removed. Of course I helped him, and all was well.

I am constantly amazed at how he is becoming so self-sufficient. If he needs or wants something, he almost always tries to do it himself, and then if he needs help he asks. Now, sometimes this makes me crazy with him "getting into" everything, but I know it is actually progress.


fragilemom said...

Ian doesn't really have a huge issue with tags, but Avery has started having some issues. She'll ask me to tear out the tag. I never had an issue with them. Jim, who's not even FX hates tags, so he usually says that's the problem for everything we can't figure out with Ian. :)

Jen said...

Tags aren't a big issue for us. Kyle will wear just about anything I buy for him, but Matt is a little more particular. I haven't picked up on a pattern with his dislikes; he just seems to have preferences. Occasionally, he will say that certain shirts are "itchy."