Monday, April 21, 2008

New House!

I think Drew will forever refer to Eric's parents' condo as the "new house". They moved there about six months ago. Drew always goes up to Grandpa M. and throws his hands in the air and says, "Grandpa, the NEW house!" And Grandpa is supposed to repeat it. If he doesn't, Drew will say it over and over until it is repeated properly.

We went there yesterday to celebrate Easter. They were sick over Easter, so we delayed the get together. We went for lunch. It was yummy food (it always is when my mother in law is cooking!) and nice to see Eric's aunt Jane again. She is so sweet. She is in a wheelchair, and Blake kept trying to push her chair. I explained that his friend Abigail is in a wheelchair and he gets to push her at school, so that is probably why.

Drew was playing with the Fisher Price parking garage, and the elevator got stuck. Uncle Ed picked it up and tried to fix it. Drew tried to get it from him, saying, "Let me see". We said, "Uncle Ed is fixing it." Eventually, it was decided that the elevator had finally bit the dust. Drew pick it up, flipped something on it, and said, "There! It's fixed! Give me five." And it was fixed! We all got a good laugh out of that one.

In the afternoon, I got pretty tired. I have a cold and I took a Benadryl. It made me sleepy. Blake had woke up before five yesterday, and was sleepy, too. Around four o'clock, he fell asleep. I put him into Grandma and Grandpa's bed and Eric and I left for dance lessons.

I am so bad at waltzing! I don't know why. I eventually get it, but it never flows easily at the beginning of learning a new figure. We are also doing triple-time swing (Jitterbug) and I actually have the hang of it. Eric has a little more trouble with it. Isn't that funny how that works out?

We went back to Don and Nancy's house, and ate leftovers for supper. We hung out for awhile. Blake dumped all the toys out of the cardboard box and climbed right in.

Jane gave us each a box of cookies. Right before we left, Blake saw the box, and really wanted to hold it. We told him he could have a cooking in the morning. He carried the box to the van, and held in on the way home. When we got home, we reminded him that he could have a cookie tomorrow. This morning, the first thing he did was grab the cookie box and bring it to me.


The Other Lion said...

he knew how to fix it the whole time! he just couldn't tell you. what a sweetheart. i like cookies for breakfast, too. and punkin would totally take on blake for that box.