Sunday, May 4, 2008


Before we had Blake, we didn't think having another child would be the best thing for Drew. We wanted to be able to give him as much undivided attention as we thought he needed. But, as I have said before, God had other plans for us.

When Blake came along, Drew had a terribly hard time adjusting to not having his mommy to himself. He was interested in Blake, but wanted to be held a lot. I wasn't allowed to lift him for the first week, and that was hard. I admit that I bent the rules at that time. Drew would come up to me wanting to be held. I would try to pick him up, and he'd throw himself on the floor and cry. I was trying to get the hang of breastfeeding Blake at the time, so a lot of time was spent in the recliner with Blake in my arms. I remember trying to pull Drew up into the chair with us. He wanted to be up there, but not with Blake.

This was taken at the hospital. Drew fell asleep standing up while we waited for the ok to go home:

These were taken after we were home and Blake had to use a bili-blanket for jaundice.

At the time, we were involved in a research study with Dr. Jennifer Hill-Karrer in Kansas City. She sent us a gift to welcome Blake, and in it, she sent a Thomas the Tank Engine tape for Drew. That tape was a major blessing to us. He watched it practically every time I nursed Blake, and it occupied him thoroughly.

Over time, they have become the best of friends. I often marvel at how different two boys who came from the same parents can be. Where Drew is cautious and hesitant, Blake is unconstrained and impulsive. Blake draws Drew out and gets him out of his comfort zone. Drew tempers Blake's recklessness. If Blake hits, Drew will say, "Blakie, be gentle."

They play well together and have so much fun. Before I had kids, I envisioned myself to be the mother of daughters. Perhaps that is because I am one of two daughters and had no brothers. It didn't really enter my mind that I could have all boys. I am outnumbered by them! But I don't think I'd have it any other way.


Michelle said...

these are such sweet pictures of the relationship between brothers!

Paula said...

How adorable are those pictures. I just love Drew and Blake. They are a gift from God and blessed with two wonderful parents. You and Eric are the best.
Have a great day!
Still praying about your job situation.

Mark said...

Great post!

Jen said...

Your boys are so cute togehter!
I also appreciate the relationships that my 3 older ones have; they learn so much from each other. I feel badly that Evan won't be experiencing the same.

Umma said...

I teared up reading this. I want a brother for Monkey so very badly! The pictures are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so relate to all you've said. My boys are blessed to have each other too...

We had such a different situation though, not knowing we were dealing with a disability until they were older than yours...and when I found out I was sad that BOTH boys were affected. But now, I feel blessed that they are together, and are such good pals and support through this journey...

Peggy E.