Thursday, May 1, 2008

How are you today?

I am great. I have a really busy day ahead. I have to get an FBI background check done for my new job at the school. I am taking Blake with me.

I have to clean my house, buy gifts for Bunko, and make snacks. Bunko is tonight. At my house. Which is why I have to clean.

I also have some other errands to run, and I have to sub at Wee School for my friend Roxanne. So I get to play with babies for a couple hours this afternoon. My twins aren't going to be there. I call them my twins, but they are just on loan for me to enjoy on Tuesdays.

How are you today? What are you up to?


Umma said...

Nothing as exciting as an FBI background for me, lol. Today is month end at the firm and my secretary is out so I'm stuck doing my own time, BLAH!

Jen said...

...I'm putting in applications for a teaching postition for next year (I'm a paraprofessional in a Lifeskills class this year), getting ready for Chelsey's graduation (the emotional preparation is exhausting), and to top it off, our offer got accepted on a house we want! I'll be blogging about this stuff soon :)