Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Job

Today is Drew's first official day of summer. School ended yesterday. He decided this morning that he should go to work with Daddy. Eric was getting ready, and Drew came out wearing one of Eric's work shirts, and he wanted help with the buttons. I obliged his request, and off he went. He came back with a pair of Daddy's dress pants. I drew the line at the pants. (I hate ironing them and didn't want them wrinkled!) I hung them back up. Drew disappeared into his room and got a pair of silky gym shorts out. Next thing I knew, he was standing in front of the mirror, tucking his shirt in, just like his father does.
Eric was getting dressed at that time, and Drew squeezed past him to get in the armoire. "Where's my seatbelt?" said he. He got a belt out and put it on.

Next he got a pair of socks out of Eric's drawer and brought it to the sofa where Eric sits when he puts his socks and shoes on.
"Gotta go to work" he kept saying. Then he went to the pantry and got out a plastic grocery bag for his lunch. He opened the freezer and got out a random container, which happened to be tomato paste and put it in the grocery bag.
He said, "Ok, I'm ready. Let's go, Daddy. Let's go to work." Daddy said, "Sorry, Drew, not today. You have to stay home with Mommy." Drew watched his daddy go, and came back in.
He said, "I stay with you today?" I said, "Yep." and he said, "Aww, man!" and took his clothes off.


Anonymous said...

emtThat was so cute. It did make me feel bad for Drew though. He really thought he was going to work with Daddy, after all, he was all ready!! Love that boy. Grandma Bonnie

Umma said...

HAHA! That's great. It sounds like he's ready for a job of his own. I'm sure chores wouldn't be as exciting though!

Jodie said...

That is the cutest thing every! Why wouldnt Eric let me go with him? Good thing was okay with it!

Mark said...

Son like Father.
You can tell Eric is a good role model, for Drew. Wants to be like his Dad, That's setting a Goal for himself. Sounds like Drew is becoming more social with people.

fragilemom said...

Too cute. We get a lot of "Oh man"'s too!

John Evans said...

Drew is a cool kid. It's great to see how he wants to be like his daddy.