Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clearly I am not good at multi-tasking

Seriously. I had some alternate titles for this post.

Some of them included:

Can someone rescue me?
Twice in a week's time
I am a sucky mother
Turn your back for five minutes...

Ok, so what happened now, you ask? Well, do you remember my post last week about the lotion? If not, click HERE

Blake was playing in the toyroom, and Drew came up to me and asked to watch Family Feud. Well, Family Feud wasn't on at the time, so I decided to look on Youtube to see if I could find "Dawson Feud" as Drew calls the episodes with Richard Dawson. I got him all set up to watch, and went to check on Blake.

This is what I found:

What's that? Baby powder. I went to get the vacuum. Blake ran off. Drew was still blissfully unaware, watching Family Feud. I cleaned up the mess, and was thinking, I know that baby powder was on an upper shelf in the linen closet. How did he get it? I went to put the vacuum away, and what did I find?

I guess I have my answer as to how he got the powder.


Brandy said...

Oh man, those two certainly keep you on your toes!

fragilemom said...

Creative, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

nice!! that was definitely some good problem solving skills there :)

list mama said...

I doubt there is a kid out there who has not pulled one over on the mom. And not a mom out there who doesn't wonder how on earth a little one could have done such a thing.