Monday, September 22, 2008

X-Men Visit the Farm

Our county had a farm tour yesterday, and Eric and I took the boys. There were several stops on the tour, and we visited most of them. First, we went to a dairy farm and saw several different breeds of calves. They were cute! Blake was a little scared of them, and Drew wouldn't even get near one.Here's one of the cuties
Here's Blake, being a little nervous around them.
They also had set up a little straw maze for kids. Drew liked it a lot.
Blake tried not to let the straw touch him.
It was an organic farm, and they gave away some of their organic chocolate milk. We got some for both boys, but Drew wouldn't try it. Blake, however, liked it a lot.

Next we went to a Belgian horse farm. They had 11 Belgian work horses. These things were HUGE! Drew liked them, but from a distancce. Eric picked Blake up so he could see them better. Drew had to look way up to see the horses.
They also had a big collection of antique wooden wheel wagons and other farm equipment to see. The boys were happy to get a free bag of popcorn, and Drew didn't want to leave this farm.

After that, we went to another dairy farm, and can I just say how stinky this place was?! Eww.


Drew wanted to go in the calf barn, but it was blocked off.
And Blake was quite fond of this dog, though he was a bit cautious. After the stinky farm, we went to a pig farm. It was rather boring, as we were not allowed into the barn, and if we wanted to see any pigs, we had to look through the chicken wire windows at them. They were giving away free pork loin sandwiches, though. We passed on them. And finally, we went to the State Park, where they had an erosion exhibit, an apple exhibit, and free fishing in the lake. Eric called his parents to see if they wanted to meet up to see the boys go fishing. They did, and so they joined us at the State Park. Arriving at the park.Many varieties of apples to sample
Playing with the erosion exhibit

Drew and Grandpa M. heading out to go fishing
Blake wanted to carry his own fishing pole, but got himself tangled up in the line. Thankfully, Daddy was able to free him.

Eric and his boys fishing
Grandpa M. helping Blake cast
Grandma M. snapped this pic of me helping Blake. Let's just say that I put the hook into the brush a few times. Not good. After fishing we went out to eat with Eric's parents. We had a really nice day.


Umma said...

That looks like so much FUN! Monkey and I love these sorts of things. Maine had their first Farm Day this year but we didn't hear about it until after the fact. Massachusetts doesn't do anything like that as far as I know :-(

The Other Lion said...

I agree. That looks way fun. Punkin won't drink chocolate milk, either. And when he saw the cows he would have said, "Otay?" a bazillion times before he saw the apples, when it would change to "bapple? bapple? mmmm."

Chris said...

Did anyone catch an FISH?

Kristiem10 said...

Nope. :)

Anonymous said...

what a fun day!! I love the shots