Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ready for some rambling?

Well. I made it through the day. Just barely, but I made it. The kids are in bed. And I only Melatonin-ed one of them.

Drew had a two-hour delay this morning. School was canceled yesterday totally, so he was not in the mood for school today. He fought me every step of the way getting ready. I forced him to take a bath (the horror!) and wrestled him into his uniform. He didn't really want to get in the car when his aide came to pick him up, so I had to force him into his seat.

Blake's school canceled, so I called his sitter and asked if she could keep him while I worked. She agreed, to my relief. After work, I went to pick him up, and he hopped in the van. I had left my van running, and he went over and tried to turn the van off. Seriously. And then he tried to turn it back on. He pulled the keys out of the ignition and threw them on the floor. When I went to start it up, I couldn't get the stupid key back in the ignition. I tried again, and this time I got it in. The van started, and went home. I re-tried the key after we got home and it seemed as though the key was bent. I called Eric to see what he thought I should do, and he suggested running up to the place we got the van. Thankfully, my sister came by just at that moment. So, she stayed with Blake while I ran up to the repair shop. And also thankfully, they fixed the key for free.

I got home, and Kelly left. Then it was time for Drew to come home. His aide said he had a bad day. He refused to get out of the car. I had to pull him out. He had gotten a blue card at school. I told him he couldn't have any snacks and no television until after supper. Of course, he was upset about no television. He pouted on the couch for awhile.

So, I decided to get supper started. I was going to make a homemade pizza. I had a couple pizza crust mixes and opened them to make one big pizza. Blake climbed on the counter to "help". I didn't particularly want his help tonight, so I tried to get him to go back to the toyroom. He kept returning, so finally I gave up. I threw the crust together and set it aside for five minutes as the directions stated. When I came back to it, part of it was runny, and part was crumbly. I tried to spread it in my stoneware pan, but it stuck to my hands like, oh, hmm, pancake batter? Anyway, I threw it away, and got out my recipe to make dough from scratch. That went better, but Blake kept trying to put more flour into the bowl. Not helpful. I had to set this dough aside for ten minutes, so I thought I'd try to sweep a couple rooms while I waited. Blake doesn't exactly like when I run the vaccuum, so he kept unplugging it, and yanking the cord around. I was supremely frustrated. Of course, I scolded Blake and ordered him to go in the toyroom, which scared Drew, and he burst into tears. He kept asking if I was done sweeping. I gave up and put the thing away. Drew continued to cry and that he wanted to watch television. When I said no, he asked for supper. (he knew he could watch tv after supper) I told him it wasn't ready yet, which caused a fresh bout of tears.

I got the pizza in the oven, and Eric came home. Drew was still crying. He got Drew in a better mood while I finished up supper and tidying up the kitchen. We ate dinner without too much commotion. And finally, Drew was allowed to watch television.

I really, really hope he gets a green card tomorrow. :) The kids have been in bed an hour, and I got some comic relief by watching American Idol auditions. Hopefully tomorrow is a lot calmer. I can't take another today.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting. I'm sorry you had a bad day, but hopefully tomorrow will be better. Enjoy your weekend and your dance.

the other lion said...

ugh. i was sure you were going to say blake had messed with the pizza crust. give this lady a glass of wine, stat!

Holly's Mom said...

Wow what a terrible day. I too was waiting to hear what blake did to the dough! Glad the homemade went well!