Friday, January 30, 2009

Better. Much better.

So, today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, and school was canceled. No getting-ready-for-school fights, no dropping Blake off at the sitter, no going outside. Woo-hoo!

Blake didn't sleep very well last night. I am wondering if he has an ear infection. He is so defensive about having his ears touched, though, that I am not sure. So, I was tired and laying in bed this morning. I told Eric while he was getting ready for work that I was running out of hope for school to be canceled. He said, "School's not going to be canceled. It's not that bad out." (this coming from the man who just got out of bed and hadn't even looked out the window.) He left a few minutes later. A couple minutes after that, I got a call from the superintendent saying, "Good morning, staff. This call is to let you know that school has been canceled. Have a good weekend." I was thrilled. So much for Eric's thoughts on the subject.

We've been hanging around the house. I made a Marbled Cinnamon Sugar quick bread. I posted about it HERE At the moment, Blake is filling and dumping my mixing bowl and in general making a mess of my kitchen. But he is enjoying himself immensely, so I don't mind too much. There are too many things I tell him no about, and playing in water is an easy cleanup.
Drew is happily watching his favorite game show, Family Feud. He is imitating the sound you hear when you get an answer that's on the board. And of course, when you get a strike.

Oops, Blake just put both of his Woody dolls in the water. Time for a timeout. We're definitely having a nap this afternoon. Have a nice day!


Jodie said...

Hope you was able to get your nap today. Hopefully the Boys are doing better today than they were yesterday!

TheXMom said...

My boys love to play in the sink.. My friends can't understand why I let them do it so much consideirng the mess they make.. but my friends don't have my kids.